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Association subject to the law of 1901 In association with the
“Fédération Française de Crémation”


1998 260        2004 616
1999 330        2005 693

2000 413        2006 693
2001 497        2007
2002 553        2008 820

 Crémation Today

In France, steadily increasing. In 2006, there were : More than 26% des deceased. More than 40% of people interviewed expect to do it. Of course, this is a difficult subject to discuss. Our death is rarely expected… Don’t forget that our loved ones, those who remain behind, will be the ones confronted with our passing…

« The real tomb of the dead,is in the heart of the living » Tacite…


Why an association?

“L’Association Crématiste de la Vienne” celebrates its 25th anniversary.
- Together with the regional associations of advocates for cremation, it has first of all principally advocated to the civil administration of the need for the creation of crematoriums.
- It has worked on educating the local authorities about the necessity of construction and improvement of crematory vault facilities in the public cemeteries.
- The association also takes a strong interest in legislative issues regarding cremation.

A bill was introduced to the senate regarding the proposal of funeral laws was adopted by the senate June 22, 2006, went on to be accepted for review by the National Assembly July 4, 2007.  We are currently lobbying the new deputies.  This law would modify the CGCT (General Code of the Territorial Collectivities).
- Our biannual newsletter as well as the tri-annual review of the French Federation of Cremation will keep you regularly informed on the important issues regarding cremation.

“L’Association Crématiste de la Vienne”, is completely independent of all political and religious influence.
What does the Association bring to its members?
“L’Association Crématiste de la Vienne”, among other things:
- can respond to your questions regarding funeral preparations.
- can advise at any stage in your life in order to prepare you for this difficult time.
Think of those you leave behind…
- can advise you about the financial aspects of cremation.
- Closely support your family at the time of your death.
- Give you useful information about the disposition of your remains.
- Are accustomed to remaining during the cremation to be sure that all of the wishes of the deceased are carried out.
" Living Will regarding your cremation "
can be safeguarded for you free of charge at the Association Headquarters. How?
The association exists and functions only through the generous donations of time and treasure of its members.
The members of the Administrative Counsel, elected at the Annual General Assembly, always do their best according to their availability. Those sharing our beliefs are invited to join movement.


Our main concerns

At the time of death, when nothing has been planned in advance, some painful questions will quickly appear :
What would he like?
If cremation :
How will the cremation go?
The Association will help you by giving precious advice …
The preparing of your own passing will be the first step.
- The « living will » :
Declaration of the wish to be cremated and destination of ashes
- Funeral organisation
An example of some of the sensitive issues or decisions  :
Fate of the ashes
Many families find themselves unsure when faced with the urn which is given to them.
What to do with the ashes?
Never make a hasty decision that you may regret …
Take the time to reflect among your family.
The crematoriums can keep the urn for you free of charge for some time while you decide.
It’s never easy to, but it is preferable to be prepared in advance…

Enquiries about funerals should be addressed to :

The Chaplain / 2 place Gambetta 86400 CIVRAY /

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Meeting with the Chaplain

 of the Anglican community of Poitou


Following an exchange of letters, Jacques LACARTE, Jean Jacques LECLERC and I met on 12th August last in Civray with the Rev’d Michael HEPPER.  We discussed the difficulties encountered by the Anglican Community implanted in the Poitou-Charentes and the bordering departments when the question arises as to the cremation of British citizens who are residents in the region.

 Father HEPPER underlined the difficulties met by his fellow citizens, (for whom cremation is a normal process in their country) to grasp the complications of organizing funerals in France.

In these times of bereavement the families are made even more vulnerable by the language barrier. In some cases the funeral parlor may have gone ahead and organized the cremation without asking about a possible religious service. The family, badly informed, has had to resign themselves to a 10 minutes farewell when they have been expecting to have a ceremony that can last up to an hour or depending on the number of parents or friends present, the texts and hymns that are chosen….

The farewell ceremony can take place in the crematorium’s Chapel, which has been the case in all of the crematoriums of the region, but it can also take place in a church, in which case it is wise to plan a timing that takes into account this “outside” ceremony as in the case of catholic ceremonies. A cremation at 9 a.m. does not allow for a service to take place before it.

The availability of certain crematoriums was brought up.  The hour of greeting the family and that of the actual cremation are not always clear to these expatriate families. When they arrive, they realize that the time they have to make their farewell is very short indeed and sometimes it is explained to them in very peremptory way by the establishment’s personnel.

Finally, we also discussed the fact of burying the family together, members of which often live far from the deceased’s home. There again some funeral companies seem to be in a hurry to conclude, or else they do not know the legal delays for funerals which can be held between up to 6 days after the death.(plus Sundays)

These questions underline the efforts we still have to make to ensure that, in the case of a cremation, the farewell ceremonies (lay or religious), are dignified, respectful of the deceased but also of their families and friends. The field of competence between the funeral companies and the crematoriums is yet too imprecise with regards to this farewell ceremony, especially taking into consideration the fact the Leader’s role cannot be improvised. It is urgent that the people who are called upon to assist the families receive quality training (planned in the December 2008 law but set back)

We informed Father HEPPER that in France there is no coordinating body, as in the United Kingdom, concerning these questions. In France, only the law can set a number of obligations for the funeral companies. However we do not content ourselves with such situations and have decided to bring forward these points at our next regional meeting. They are on the agenda to examine what possibilities we might have to intervene.

We have suggested the necessity of planning ahead the funeral while we are still alive. To this the Reverend pointed, out the difficulty in making people prepare for when they die: people are afraid about speaking of death. It is however inescapable for us all ….and the only certainty in life.

The Associations Crématistes du Poitou-Charentes web site has a page dedicated to the English speaking population
And we will do our best to multiply exchanges and make our respective addresses known.

The riches of this meeting foresee a tighter cooperation fuelled by a greater mutual understanding.
                                                           Georgette DESPORT  Déléguée Régionale
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Crémation in Vienna

Since December 1996, the date of the opening of the Crematorium of Poitiers,

the number of cremations has steadily increased :
1997 196        2003 545